• As a leading company with significant business partnerships, Goldstar Group is committed to maintaining and promoting world-class standards of business integrity. Our values, which incorporate the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, guide our relationships with Profile, employees, and the communities and environment in which we operate. In 2007, we collectively took an intiative to lay foundation for Dr. R.V. Shah English Medium School at Samaou, Gujarat. It is an extraordinary school with dames from K.G. to std 6 which will be upgraded up to secondary. We understand child personality and study child learner styles, falsities and lateens and match these inheres to our environment to home its personality.

  • Education is a lifelong process but it is the school and family that lay the foundation for this journey. We at Dr. R. V. Shah English Medium School are committed to the overall development of the child. It is our earnest Endeavour to prepare each one of our student to meet all challenges in life and to reignite in the desire to contribute towards the formation of a better society. We should uphold Indian values, culture and heritage.

  • We through our Trust are also in the planning for starting a College & Hospital for the Samou Village community betterment. We aim to focus primarily on the welfare of economically and socially deprived sections of society & develop techno-economically viable and environment-friendly products & services for the benefit of village community.